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The Dream Garden: A Celebration of Poetry and Music will potentially be a visionary collaborative book and e-book with an accompanying digital MP3 and CD audio-book album designed for children, promoting reading, writing, literacy and creating humanities and arts awareness through history, photography, literature, music, singing and the spoken word, pending grant funding. During live presentations at libraries in multiple counties, children would be active participants in creating their own poetry, inspired by the beautiful classic poems that would be presented, set to world-class music. This project could potentially reach thousands of children across Texas and beyond, including presentations at the nationally recognized Dallas Book Festival. A musical recording lasts forever, and it would bring the poetry and meaning to life. All contributions are tax-deductible for this educational library acquisition, and it would become a part of several libraries permanent collections. More information, including the selected poems, sheet music, photography samples and a professional talent list, including nationally renowned performers and scholars, is available upon request. 

A debut classical and jazz album,produced by Classics Music Publishing, Sonnet Love Songs was released on July 4th, 2012. You may scroll down this page to hear a sample. 

Song of the Year Contest, Runner Up (Top 10 of 2,700 entries)
Adult Contemporary Category, for "How Do I Love Thee?" 2014

"You have produced a lovely CD and I congratulate your efforts in putting this together." 
-Kate Andrew, Royal Shakespeare Company Music Manager

"Absolutely superb. We'll be adding some of your tracks to our main playlist." -Bill Everatt, Celtica Radio Group, South Wales/London U.K. 

Thanks to Houston Public Radio for featuring this album on July 11th, 2012 on KUHF and Classical 91.7.  We are pleased to announce over 5,000 internet radio plays worldwide.  Additional thanks to 95.1 FM Sao Jose, Brazil.

The album Sonnet Love Songs is housed in the Folger Shakespeare Library collection in Washington, D.C., Yale University and the Cambridge University Music Library, England. 

Here is one of several 5-star reviews:

Sonnet Love Songs is a wonderful collection of music blended with classic poetry. It immerses the listener into an image-filled lyrical gallery wrapped in beautifully delivered music. The delightful poetry selections are fused with a mix of light classical, jazz and even popular musical arrangements that highlight the works of Shakespeare, Browning, Wordsworth and others in a new and vibrant way, enhancing the prose of these genius poets to new levels. This brilliant interfusion of old and new styles is thoroughly enjoyable, a must for students and aficionados of music, words, life and love!”
-Alex Otey
Grammy Award Winner

"A beautiful marriage of word and song in celebration of life's greatest joy, Sonnet Love Songs is highly recommended. I look forward to your next new title."
-Midwest Book & CD Review, James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

"The songs are peaceful and beautiful and would work wonderfully in the classroom . . . this is a perfect way to get your students interested in poetry."
-Keith Bergstrom, Prestwick House, Inc. 

"Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day" video:

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"Escape At Bedtime" by Robert Louis Stevenson, Music by Thomas L. Watson (Copyright 2015) Instrumental version
"One, Two, Three" by Henry Bunner; Music by Gabe Evens, featuring Irma P. Hall, Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize Award Winner (Copyright 2017)